The Covid Woes

Hello to my fans!

I thought this would be the greatest time to start something new. I've been asked many times over the years for a peek into my professional lifestyle. Well fans, here you have it! I will write to you bi-monthly sharing stories of interesting interactions I get to experience.

With that, how are we holding it together while the world is taking a little pause? Keeping positive and active I presume! I know you haven't seen much activity from me recently, I apologise for that! I am not trying to seem like I am avoid you all but I have found this time to be great of use in making update to all my sites, practising social distancing, and expanding into a better location.

I am looking forward to the day we are able to interact with each other! I am new to the area and excited to meet all of you.

With much appreciation,

Nikkitta B.


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